HISTORY(BIO): David "Dakor" Johnson was born November 25th 1984.He grew up in Ohio.Living in and around Toledo,Ohio all his life.He Loves music,always has,and since ten years old he has wrote incredible mouth dropping lyrics.He started making beats and mixing when he turned 18.He was in and out of jail until he turned 22,so the beats stopped and he always picked up where ever he left off at.He never stopped writing songs though,he also had a lot of time to think so his thoughts went down on paper.

Currently its been going on 7 years since he did any jail time or got in trouble with the law and he is very proud to admit that.He now has a 3 year old daughter that motivates him and a beautiful 1 year old son that reminds him everyday of what life is all about and also makes him work ten times harder.A very proud parent,promoter,performer,and beat maker with radio hosting experience on top of his appetite to be great then some.


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