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Based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Crimson Juliet, has created their own eclectic concoction of alternative, hard rock, metal and even old school 80's hair metal. With each member actively adding their own flavor to the mix, they've created as sound that is distinctly Crimson Juliet--yet leaves you wondering what you'll hear next. Each song sounds distinctly different while still maintaining a sound that is clearly theirs. Many describe their sound as one that appeals to a wide audience from teen to adult and everything in between. Rocking riffs and heavy bass lines carry the melodic and lyrically insightful music of this 3-piece band into a realm of reflective expression with a hard edge.
Art "Dr. Evil" on Guitar and John "The Saint" on Drums have been described by lead vocalist/bassist, Jen Jae, as "the most magical fit of musicians I've ever worked with. Writing with them is like nothing I've ever experienced with any other lineup before. It's as if my entire life has been leading up to creating with them--waiting until just the right time when I was fully ready to appreciate it for the gift that it is."
Crimson Juliet is currently recording their debut CD, "Killing Sorrow", which is being produced by lead vocalist and recording mastermind, Cristina Feliciano, of Oblivious Signal. You won't want to miss this long-awaited, labor of love. Due out this fall 2013.
Most recently, Crimson Juliet has founded a new project which highlight rock bands with a female lead. Ladies of Rock is becoming a buzz in the South Florida area, which is only the beginning. Members of Crimson Juliet have teamed up with Oblivious Signal, Queen Dementia and more with an east coast tour in the works!
Jen Jae, of Crimson Juliet, recently explained more about the upcoming plans for the Ladies of Rock Tour 2012. "We have high hopes to hook up with a national up-and-coming act (or several) to spread the music of the Ladies of Rock throughout the east coast and hopefully beyond. We are all excited to see where this will take us and promise to deliver high energy shows by some of the best female fronted talent. We've hand-picked some of the best bands in the area who we know can work hard, deliver great shows, kickass music, and most importantly, who remind our fans every day how much we appreciate their support. Humility and gratitude are an integral ingredient in the Ladies of Rock bands. 'm honored to be surrounded by some very talented men and women who inspire me to push myself just a little further than I thought I could ever go. It's awesome to work with not only such great musicians, but to be friends with these guys. Some of the best people I ever known have been in bands and the Ladies or Rock represent the best of the best. Creative people really bring out the best in me. I'm not intimidated by talent, I'm in awe of it and can only hope I might make someone else feel that way about me someday."
Crimson Juliet has also contributed music to the upcoming film short, "Miss Poppins", which is set for release in May. This film will be seen all over Sundance and the various film festivals. Their music is also featured in DeeDee Bigelow's demo reel on IMDB and is in talks for many more projects for film, TV, and Internet TV/Ad placement. Lead vocalist/bassist, Jen Jae states, "So many opportunities exist in film, television and the Internet for musicians. We enjoy the writing and recording process almost as much as performing and are aggressively pursuing expanding our resume of music in this format. Not only do the songs practically write themselves, but we also get the satisfaction of being a part of something so much bigger than ourselves. It's such an honor anytime we achieve placement and truly enjoy the development of writing for hire. We will always play live, but while we're not on stage and are living our normal every day lives, it's nice to have other projects to focus on."


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INSANITY---rockin tune!--YEEEEE HI!--cheers--joe.--5 stars for the rockin rollers!

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Crimson Juliet
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Thanks for the love! We'll have to give you a listen too and give ya a Yee haw back!

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I CAN DIG THAT!---keep up the great composing!--YEE HAW!--nj.

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