I love to make music, its my passion.

I compose mainly instrumental music.  I use a contemporary sound palette of electric, acoustic, bass guitars, percussion, piano, synthesizers and samples. Over the years I have built up a small quality recording studio.  

The music I create is inspired by feelings and moods.  I have a distinct sound and style which I would describe as 'uplifting themes brushed on a dark landscape'.

I have composed and recorded the music for a full length film and produced music for presentations. I collaborate with local artists to improve my musical ideas and production skills.  

You can read more about me at www.confusingbeauty.co.uk

About Me

Why do I make music? It makes me feel better, its my release, my drug, my time.  I want to keep improving, write better music. Sometimes I hate it, more times I love it!  

It first started when I'd visit my Grandad when I was a young boy.  He had this super electric organ that played played music at the touch of a button.  It had amazing sounds, really complicated but all afternoon I would sit there playing on it  with these massive headphones on.  We had a piano at home and I had piano lessons but I loved to make up my own tunes rather than practice the piece I had to play.    Later we got a computer (C64) which I got some basic music making software that allowed me to sequence music and be creative.

Fast forward few years. I am now 17.  We moved house and our next door nieghbour played the bass.  He showed me his guitar and gave me a few lessons.  I thought this is easy, I am going to be a bassist.  NO INSTRUMENT IS EASY! (except the wazoo).  At this point I was getting involved with bands did loads of gigs and stuff.  I was always drawn to the recording side of things.  I had a 4 track cassete recorder.  I did the band demos and experimented.  I loved how I could record fast, slow it down and record over that at normal speed, reverse sounds, things like that.  Along came The Playstation and Music 2000,  my mates and I were well into that! It was a sequencing program. We even did a few gigs with the playstation, singing and playing guitar over our sequenced parts.

I quickly moved on from that with a proper hardware sequencer synced to a minidisc4 track. that was cool stuff.  I had some outboard gear as well.  At this point I was getting into the production side of things.  Recorded and working with local musicians. Writing and recording music for presentations, I even did a full length film.  Anything I could do to improve my skills, while still continuing to writing my own music.  I only recently sold that to buy a mac with logic, which is amazing! Its the future! No, actually the future is a musician sitting on a stage with a headband on that plays the music they are thinking through the PA. 

That brings us up till now . . .

Along the way I have met and worked with some amazing people through music;  that and my desire to keep making better music keeps me pushing my boundaries, probably till the day I die. 

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