2016- Mary received a highly commended certificate for the first song she wrote, arranged and recorded on her own: Young Summer Love.

2015- Mary released 'Mama Got Her Party Hat On'

2014- August 1. MARY GRIMLEY,SONGWRITER founded. Cole & Garrett Songwriters Album 3 released on iTunes, April 29.

2008 - 'This Road is Going Nowhere' made semifinals of the UK Songwriting Contest.

2007 - 'No Words Needed', feat Lori Dortono, made semifinals of the UK Songwriting Contest.

2006 - Mary and Greg named Runners-up for Canada in the Songwriter category of the International Musicaid.org contest.
'Grist For The Mill', 'Love's Fools Must Dream Alone' and 'House of Cards', made semifinals of the UK Songwriting Contest.

2005 - 'When The Mood Swings Right' and ''Til I'm Safe Back Home In Your Arms', acquired by Inter Music Library, LA

2003 - 'The Beacon' produced.

2001 - First commercial CD featuring Emily Fennell.

1999 - COLE/GARRETT MUSIC founded.

Sounds Like: Rumer, Renee Olstead

Latest News

After taking Berklee's POP ROCK course, I have been inspired to edit my latest songs and am in the process of rewriting and recording four songs to be published this summer.


Our professional songwriting life began when we joined Taxi. Two of our swing songs, "When The Mood Swings Right" and " 'Til I'm Safe Back Home in Your Arms" were acquired by Inter Music Library, Los Angeles in 2005.

Here is what some Taxi critics have said about other songs:

"Loving You Comes Nat'rally To Me"

" Loved the classic ballad feel. I liked the Bacharachian approach to Jazz/Pop progression/melody. Nice sparse arrangement. I liked the simplicity of the lyric. Emily has a lovely voice." Listener ID # 91

"The track grooves well and arrangement is appealing." Listener ID # 53.

"Strong melodic pop song." Listener ID # 25.

About the swing songs:

"These songs have fun lyrics, particularly 'There Just Isn't Love Here Anymore'... [ This song has a ] "strong composition." Listener ID # 90

"...swings well....good use of imagery..." Listener ID # 53.

"There Just Isn't Love Here Anymore": " 'As if I'm bricked into the wall'- what a great line! Unique, interesting and yet clear within its context- great job! ...The jazz appeal to these songs is clear- nice job." Listener ID # 154.

The song "Anyhow" has been interpreted as a "torch song" by several Taxi critics and it could well be understood that way. However, Mary wrote that song to pay homage to the stoicism her father showed when she emigrated as a 21 year old, rather naïve, young woman from England to Canada. "torch song feel..big voice..strong groove...well put together lyric... excellent dynamics..." Listener ID # 27

Mary's and Greg's second CD, "Grist For The Mill", is a mastered demo of four songs sung by Lori Dortono and Ken Post. In 2006 and 2007, all four songs reached the semi-finals of the UK songwriting competition sponsored by the BBC. In addition, in 2006, Mary and Greg were named Runners-Up for Canada in the International Songwriting Contest run by musicaid.org for the song, "House of Cards".

In 2007, "No Words Needed" sung by Lori Dortono reached the semi-finals of the UK Sonwriting Contest.

In 2008, Mary singing "This Road is Going Nowhere", a song accompanied by Greg and recorded and engineered in Mary's small home studio, reached the semi-finals of the UK Songwriting Contest

We would like to recognize and thank the musicians on our first album, "When The Mood Swings Right":
Vocals: Emily Fennell Keyboards: Paul Lockyer and Greg Garrett. Guitar: Rob Gillet Bass: Steve Martin
Saxophone: Greg Garrett Percussion: Steve Smith, Steve Knott, Wayne McFaul
Produced by Wayne McFaul, Jef Vandertogt, Mary Cole and Greg Garrett
Engineered by Jef Vandertogt, Steve Knott and Wayne McFaul at 440 audio.com

In 2004, we enjoyed working with the following musicians on the CD, "Grist For The Mill" and we would like to extend our thanks to:
Vocals: Lori Dortono and Ken Post
Piano and Keyboards: Steve O' Connor
Guitar: Jon Park-Wheeler Bass Guitar: Andrew Affleck
Percussion: Ken Post Tambourine: Greg Garrett
Arrangers: Ken Harnden, Jon Park-Wheeler and Greg Garrett.
Producer, Engineer: Ken Harnden of Pinnacle Music Studios

Mary and Greg now write songs and produce demos out of their studio in Mary's house.


I have just returned to Broadjam after an hiatus from music of six years. I am starting to record again and have several new songs which i should be uploading in the next few months. looking forward to singing again!

Adam Avery
over 30 days ago to MARY GRIMLEY SONGWRITER

Thanks for the endorsement, Mary.

Hi Everyone!
I have just posted my latest single, MAMA GOT HER PARTY HAT ON (feat Donnie)- a country song recorded at Studio Pros. I created the song to raise money for Wounded Warriors. Every cent from sales of this song will go to Wounded Warriors. Would love to get Broadjam on board helping in this fund-raising effort! Thanks, Mary.

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