Working in Various Genres, especially house, jazz, funk, hip hop, and trip hop.
Has released a number of albums, most recently
Fusion Body - Strawberry Cough (House/Dance)
Clear Voyage - The Sessions (Jazz, Trip hop feel)
Perseveverance - What took so long (Hip hop)

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Alex Brans - Clear Voyage - DJ F

Alex Brans has been spinning and writing music ever since he got his hands on his parents records.

Music quickly became his love and passion. He truly believes that music is more than just heard, and can be felt deep within your mind, body, and soul.

Heavily influenced by the funky jazz/soul, disco and Classic Rock of the 70s, he tries to encompass those flavors into all of his work.

Considered to be a 'World Class' DJ among many, he is known not only for his great original work, but also his remixes and mash-ups are highly sought after from other DJ's worldwide.

He also has another side project under the name 'Clear Voyage' which is known to explore the many regions that lie outside the confines of jazz, funk, trip-hop, and soul-grooves.
His most recent release Clear Voyage - Another Level has gotten lots of media attention and radio play worldwide.
His love of music and great response from his two Clear Voyage releases lead him to start writing House Music, and that has helped him carve out his own niche using stylish rhythms and hip grooves with a funky flavor.

He recently released his second House album in early 2010 - DJ Fusion Body 'Above' and it appears he has raised the bar again from his first house release 'Strawberry Cough'.

Currently he has decided to pursue another genre, taking his funky-jazz style to drum and bass. DJ Fusion Body - The Drum and The Bass has garnered plenty of positive reviews and spins in clubs worldwide.

DJ Fusion Body has spun in clubs all over, private parties and also weddings. His ambitious nature always keeps him looking to improve and reach a higher level, while never losing sight of the creative aspect behind the art of music and playing to the crowds higher consciousness.

His sound is described as fresh and hip as he knows how to engage a crowd with mesmerizing beats.

Stay on the lookout for more from this up and coming DJ, musician, and song writer.

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