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Born in December 1971.
He's composing music for the theatre and short film since 1994.
His debut cd came out in 1999. Since then he has released 7 cds with songs and/or instrumentals pieces. His 2006 album ("Parapounes & Triafyntalla") was voted as one of the 50 best albums of the decade in Greece.
As a music supervisor he works for TV since 2009 (in Greece).
As an arranger he has worked in other artists albums.
He composes Chamber music and Orchestra pieces since 1998. Some of them were performed in Italy and Ukraine and in Greece.
He's the founder and label manager of the independent record label "Puzzlemusik".
Since 2010 he's coordinating and teaching on the "Songwriting Workshop" held in the Orfeio Conservatorium (Athens, Greece).
He's teaching Theory of Music and Harmony in the same conservatorium since 2001.

e-mail: chris_alexgr@yahoo.com
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