Christ On A Bike came from a joke phrase used in a chat room. This idea nestled in the heads of cartoon duo Chris Sakes and Holly Ghast so they created their band with songs formed through legal samples, keyboards, and found sounds that they had been using on Acid Pro since 1999.

Their 1st LP "Heaven's Cycle" contained 20 songs of varying lengths and styles but mainly electronic house, pop and drum n bass.

Their second LP "Me, You and Jesus 2" came out late Summer 2004 with a honed set of 12 songs.The music has roots in all dance styles from house, techno, reggae, pop and smooth d n b. They released their third LP entitled "The Beat Conductor" in September 2005 with 14 eclectic mix of songs, with six singles released over 2005.

In September 2006 they released their 4th LP "A Geminus Vita" which was a commercial success and spawned four singles some making the Top Ten here on Broadjam. Their latest project in 2007 is the twin LPs Child's Play and Adult Games.

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Christ On A Bike have already released 8 LPs the last a remix LP of "Download The World". You can purchase this LP at The next LP is the 1st of two soundtrack LPs entitled Sound Trax! Flash Gordon Rocketship is the lead single.
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over 30 days ago to Christ On A Bike

Thanks for your review of EASTERN CORRIDOR. You are right, it is very old school. I have been performing electronic music for 35 years or so, and my music covers a lot of ground, but Berlin School is my favourite. The mix is from a live performance, and is from quite awhile ago. I put it up here mostly for historic purposes, and as an example of that aspect of my music. Thanks so much, take care, John

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Christ On A Bike
over 30 days ago

Hi Soacesongs, glad u appreciated my comment as I did like ths ong. If you ever wanted a free remix of it, Let me know? Chris - COAB

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