I like to play with my toys, but yours are better. I like soda, but tea spins my cup. I like to ride my bike, as long as I can win. My new alarm clock wakes me up with an electric shock, it shows me things while I'm staring at the Son, it lifts me up and lets me walk again.

OK, but you only have 5 minutes!

I come from a sub-compact small town in Texas. I grew up listening to John Denver, The Beatles, The Bee Gees, ELO, ZZ Top and U2 (who is still my favorite band). We lived so far out in the country, we couldn't even get any radio stations, but I desperately wanted new music to listen to.

My parents used to go to Amarillo every few months and I would try my best to tag along and beg them to take me to the record store. If I got my chance, it would go like this: the car would pull up in front of the store and I would have five minutes to get in and out with whatever I wanted. Of course, not having radio meant that I often only knew about what I had seen on late night TV (which I couldn't remember most of the time due to the pressure to hurry up!).

In high school, I saved up my money from driving tractor and bought a killer stereo system (Denon receiver and Klipsch Heresy speakers) and began DJ-ing dances in the local county hall. I would make enough to be able to afford my guitar lessons and new records on my weekly trip to Amarillo.

In college, I began writing songs and learning how to engineer my own demos. I enjoyed engineering so much, I went to college and got my BA in Recording Industry Technology from Middle Tennessee State University. While there, one of my friends and I started work on a sound effects CD library that eventually transmogrified into a space music project. Our first album as Tacit Blue spent eight months on the New Age Voice top 100 radio chart.

After that album did so well, I returned to songwriting and recording some of my singer - songwriter tunes as well as a second Tacit Blue album which we hope to release in the near future.

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