Brigitte began at age 3 entering the Royal Conservatory of Music for classical piano.At age 6,she won first place in competition for original composition and completed grade 8 with First Class Honours.Received 8 Honour in the Arts certificates for music,composition,and singing,and was named Musician of the Year in her school.Enrolling in Music College and performing in rock/pop bands across BC,Brigitte also pursued writing,programming and producing AC/pop/rock.She played with a Juno nominated band and hosted at the Merrit Mountain Music Fest,and performed on Nashville's Starseek receiving top scores in all categories.Her song "Someday" is on Dan Rothery's "Accidental" CD that she co-produced,played/sang on,is touring with,and appeared in his award winning video.Her talent scored her over 20 independent album projects. Brigitte has been attending songwriting conferences internationally and ready to bring on a new sound.


Celine Dion is a great inspiration.
Observing nature brings out the musical side at times.
People, their issues, and stories of love.
The creative mind cannot be stopped!


Interested in making good quality music for film and radio. Mainly Brigitte's songs carry her classical signature in a lighter pop sound. She's able to write classical, rock and country tunes as well and sometimes is out for an adventure using obscure sounds or unique formats. Aside from creating her own works, she enjoys listening to all kinds of music ranging from jazz to European standards since her father is an accomplished accordion player.

Thank you to all who helped put many of my songs in top ten positions on broadjam!
Music is the universal language, enjoy!

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