John Renaud is a singer / songwriter, and founder of the alternative rock band Bridgework.

Bridgework began taking shape in 2005 when John paired up with drummer Scott Witzenburg. By the middle of 2006 the lineup was complete with Erik Kutzler on bass and Jack Sparks on lead guitar. Together they performed numerous shows throughout the Los Angeles area and released the "World Disappears" EP in February of 2008.

By early 2009 the group had dissolved due to individual commitments, but John continued to perform solo acoustic sets throughout 2009 and 2010. He released a solo EP - "No Turning Back" - during this time.

In early 2011, after a successful kickstarter campaign, John started working on a full length Bridgework album. "Every Now And Then" was released in November of 2012. John Engineered and mixed the album, along with performing all of the live instruments and vocals.

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John Renaud

I am a singer/songwriter, engineer, and producer. I am always open to feedback and looking to improve my skills in all areas of music writing and production. I hope to someday make it a livelihood. Thanks for stopping by!

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Hey man!! Thanks for checking out my tune, "Too Far" It's the first one I ever wrote and recorded all by myself about two years ago. All drum loops and factory strings. Nowhere to go but up, right?! I agree how sloppy it is, but I use it as a bench mark now!
Wow, just listened to "The Game". Man I got sooo mutch to learn!!! Great sond man!!

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Sixty Miles Down
over 30 days ago

Just downloaded Burn Me Out. Great song!

John Renaud / Bridgework
over 30 days ago


over 30 days ago to John Renaud / Bridgework

thanks for the review great to get feedback :)

Hey thank you for your reviews of the songs "Realists" and "Lackluster days!" They will eventually be re-recorded and mixed after a bit more work. Thanks again.

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