My name's Bow Jenkins and I'm a 17 year old singer songwriter currently living in Devon, England (but I can move!) My main musical influence is Springsteen, and at this moment in time I'm a solo artist. The focus of my lyrics is almost always to tell a story, convey a scene, and primarily write about something real and worth writing about. 'Cinematic' is the word most people use to describe my songs, so I guess I'll go with that!
I write on piano and guitar, although I'm not trained in either and can't really say I'm a pianist or a guitarist - but I know enough to write and perform my songs! Anyway, getting to the important part, it's me on piano in all the songs I've submitted, and I wrote and recorded the songs in my bedroom! I've also got around 15 others that I haven't recorded yet, many of which are much more upbeat and will sound great with a band (which is why they haven't been recorded yet!)
My website is, where you can find out more!!!

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I am a 16 year old female singer songwriter, heavily influenced by the music of Bruce Springsteen, and brought up on everything from The Clash, to Cajun music, and literally everything inbetween.

I was born in August 1989 in East London, to a proper cockney clan! My family arrived in London 3 days before the Romans, but believing it had no real future and wouldnt last, never bought real estate. They were always poor, but blessed with second sight. I like cities, and the big mix of so many people and noise and life and commotion. I like the smells and the millions of rituals and chaos, and humour in the face of adversities numbered in their thousands. I like the laughter and banter and energy. London still feels like home but when I was 9 my parents sold everything we owned (which wasnt much), and took us on a big trip around the world. The idea was to go quick, while it was still there... Optimistic, eh?

We spent time in Australia and New Zealand, and the pacific, camping most of the time and travelling cheaply. I was educated on the move, in a kind of haphazard way. I had a lot of teachers, but few had formal qualifications, which made it more real and a lot more fun, if not entirely accurate. And it was whilst travelling that we met many of the people I first sang about. Many of the things I experienced as I grew up; leaving people and places, travelling and coming home, losing people I love, knowing awe and love, heartbreak and fear, homelessness and poverty, music and friendship, and so, so much laughter and goodness and hope, have been the inspiration of rock musicians since rock music was born. I was lucky to grow up amid all of it. I was exhausted and battered by it, but it was also my sculptor and my inspiration.

I wrote and recorded my debut album, 'Innocence and Experience', when I was 14. I write my own songs, and am currently working on a new album. I take pride in writing about things that are real, and I hope my songs are saying something worth saying.

Right now Devon is home, and I'm studying for my A-Levels (but I can move if I need to!). I gig whenever I can, accompanying myself on piano or keyboards- or guitar (all which I'm self taught at) or by getting together with fellow musicians and jamming...

I love to perform solo in an acoustic setting but I'm also happy in a band. I'd sing just about anywhere just to get the experience. I'm a hard worker - when my friends are out at clubs, I'm in my bedroom writing and working on songs, but its something I love so I'm not complaining. Plus it means that instead of writing a few decent songs, I've written around 30 in the last 6 months!

I hope to make some major progress in the music industry in the coming years. I've given a few interviews and had radio play in Devon, in Detroit, and in Europe, Canada and South America, and had some good feedback - which I hope you will agree is justified! I'm right at the beginning of the journey, and I know I have so much to learn and so far to go, but I hope we can all go there together... if the journey is as important as the destination, and maybe the journey is all weve got, then I hope we can sing, and dance and drum and rattle all the way! And I hope you love my music like I love making it.

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