Black Valentine is a Hard Rock/ Heavy Metal Band based out of Los Angeles.

Reminiscent of Black Sabbath and Judas Priest (or maybe if Pantera played Soundgarden Songs), Black Valentine brings a directness to their Songs and Delivery that goes for the throat while grabbing the listener with catchy Choruses, Melodies, and Hooks wrapped around thundering Riffs and pounding Rhythms.

Black Valentine brand of Hard Rock comes at a time when it is most needed to fill what's sorely missing in today's Music.

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Who is Black Valentine

But for a few simple twists of fate Black Valentine would not exist.

When singer Jeff Knemeyer sold everything and moved from Washington State to Los Angeles, he met Jesse Wolff by pure chance while walking down the street. The two became fast friends.

During this time guitarist Frank Yanno was looking for a singer for his band, tHe CoNStAnt. After several auditions there was one singer left pacing the outside hallways of the rehearsal studio.

The Music was cued; then Jeff Knemeyer entered the room and proceeded to tear through the songs with such power and presence that the final decision had been made!

Jeff's voice however changed everything. This was a new band. Taking the title of one of their songs, Black Valentine was born. Just when things were back on track their drummer had to leave for personal reasons.

Once again the search was on for a new member- with no success. They were out of options when Jeff's new friend Jesse asked if he could audition. Jeff didn't even know he played drums!!

The result was Black Valentine's debut Album World Gone Wrong "...a collection of Songs drenched in attitude and emotions ranging from aggression and anger to hurt and pain, from frustration and discontent to determination and resolve. Each track literally screams out loud what most of us have only thought all wrapped up in perfectly catchy Songs delivered with exceptional musicianship." ~Xombiewoof Magazine

With the addition of Merle Gregory on Bass, Black Valentine has released their 2nd Album entitled Slingshot Rebels featuring 16 Songs that show the Band's evolution- bringing a Power and Directness to their Music that takes it to the next level. With these 16 Songs, Black Valentine is redefining Today's Hard Rock and Heavy Metal.

Black Valentine is not a band to be missed delivering their electrifying Stage Show to those who like smart Music served up HEAVY!!

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Charlie Shock
over 30 days ago to Black Valentine

Thank You so much for your positive review of my song "California Cool"- I appreciate your comments!!!

Scott David Cameron
over 30 days ago to Black Valentine

Thanks Black Valentine for the review on my song Down in Flames. Appreciate the feedback and best of luck to you guys.

1 Replies
Black Valentine
over 30 days ago

You're very welcome. Hope what I had to say helped.

I'm not sure how I'm supposed to Review Songs here. It seems a lot of people are putting Demos up instead of Radio Ready Recordings.

The Rating System seems to be all about the Recording Quality and less about Song Structure, etc. which makes me want to talk more about the actual Recording than the Song. So some of my Reviews may come off a bit harsh. The last thing I'd want to do is discourage anyone.

Adam Maxfield
over 30 days ago to Black Valentine

You have a really individual style which is cool, just run through your tracks and you guys deserve every success you have. :o)

2 Replies
Black Valentine
over 30 days ago

Thanx so much for the kind words, Adam. Really appreciate it.

Seems like most of the people here really view this as a community rather than a competition. That's very encouraging. Too many are afraid to give an inch in fear that they'll miss their own opportunity. That's no way to be. We need to stick together.

I listened to your songs. You have a great sense of melody and harmony both Vocally and Musically. I really love all of the accompanying Guitar melodies that run thru all of your songs. They really add so much.

Best of luck, man. Let me know if there is anything we can do to help.

tHe CoNStAnt

Adam Maxfield
over 30 days ago

Hi Frank, thanks for taking the time to listen; you're right, in general most people here are great, and in general reviews are fair and more importantly constructive, which separates BJ from other sites/forums where too many people are critical without reason (other than boosting their own ego's!!). Shared success is better than no success after all :o) hence why I have stuck a few half unwritten tracks up for collaboration, and am working on suggested ideas currently. (so if you hear something and have an idea let me know ;o) )

All the best

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Clean Clean

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