Boston Performin' Singer/Songwriter Billy Byron's creative/engaging music fuses his eclectic, International experiences blending Folk-Rock, Pop and World Music into a unique audience-moving style. His quieter folk/ballads are romantic and mysterious. An International Prize-Winning songwriter, BYRON won 5 First prizes in 2002.

3rd Prize 1999 Dallas Songwriters Assoc (DSA-TX)
1st Prize Winner 2000 Songwr Of Wis Intl (SOWI)
Honorable Mention 2000 John Lennon Contest (NY)
Walnut Valley Fest 2000 New Song Showcase (KS)
1st Prize Winner 2001 USA Songwrit Compet (FL)
1st Prize Winner 2001 Songwr Of Wis Int (SOWI)
Finalist UNISONG 2001 Intl Songwriting Cont
2 Honor Mentions 2001 BILLBOARD Songw Cont
3rd Prize Novelty 2002 MountainValleyArtFe (AL)
1st Prize Rock 2002 Songwr Of Wis Intl (SOWI)
1st Prize Gold 2002 Mid-Atlantic Song (SAW-DC)

Latest News

Billy Byron's song Christmas Be Merry was chosen among ten finalists for the Tipperary Song Of Peace contest. He will perform it in Tipperary Ireland on November 18 2017 in competition for first prize.


over 30 days ago to Billy Byron

Wonderful arrangement!

over 30 days ago to Billy Byron

Love, Hey,DrKing! lots of neat sounds musicality!Very cool! This is a differnet Bill Byron from so many years ago!

Nick Fuse
over 30 days ago to Billy Byron

Billy Boy! Congrats on joining me in the Urban Country Cowboy Top 10! Guess your ass is buried in snow bout now, but your sound is hot. Florida is where the Coconuts and Mangoes grow, not to mention Mellons and Moonpies. Cambridge girls to chilly for me... - N

1 Replies
Billy Byron
over 30 days ago

Congrats to u too Nick. Snow minimal but the chill temp is here...making us envious of you near Margueritaville & Manatees ! Sing out! - Billy

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