AURAH (Judith Martin & Marc Dold)
- Written all music for upcoming web-reality-soap HALLO HOLLYWOOD and 5 cues for german feature film FRIENDSHIP, opening Nov 5th.
- Aurah's at the Palm Springs Film Fest with a short ONCE UPON A CRIME
- Multiple Features on TV and film, such as Sex and the City, Blood Diamond, Little Miss Sunshine and others
- Both members from Switzerland, now living in Los Angeles, CA
- Marc Dold producer and performers of artists such as Paul vanDyk, Nelly Furtado, Celine Dion, etc
- Composed feature film score "Loving Annabelle"
- Perform Live

Aurah's style....hhmm...alternative/ambient/electronic/indie../vocal/... haha

Feature Film FRIENDSHIP (Opening Nov 5th 2009):


Latest News

Aurah's written 5 cues to key scenes in the upcoming feature film FRIENDSHIP!

Aurah's written all music for reality show HALLO HOLLYWOOD

Aurah writes film music for short ONCE UPON A CRIME. At Palm Springs Film fest and upcoming at Temecula Valley International Film fest

Aurah's Bio

Originally from Switzerland, Aurah's musical journal of their quest to experiecne life's alchemy.
No surprise that Marc Dold and Judith Martin's picturesque, electronic and haunting music is not only a live experience, but has found it's way into numerous TV-shows and feature films. They have recently also written film scores for feature and shorts

Emotional guitar sounds and scintilating vocal arrangements are part of the essence of music that is as much pop as transcendental and electronic. The twin sound clouds of film scores and songs that reflect their personal journey. Each one of their albums has a completely unique sound and purpose.
As a producer, Dold has given both Enya and Celine Dion number one hits, has worked with Paul Van Dykl, Cindy Lauper, Nelly Furtado and many others of the music world.

After Aurah's release SONGS OF THE ALCHEMIST Martin took pen and paper on the grassy knolls of Griffith Park in Los Angeles and began writing what would become KISMET. The cinematic sounds where accompanied with Martin's journal writings and drawings. The music share the reflective essence and rare quality of being both intimate and universal.

Then Aurah composed the film score for the award-winning feature film Loving Annabelle and various short films. They're songs are also heard on Little Miss Sunshine and
Blood & Chocolate and Blood Diamond among others. Aurah's latest CD ETHEREA BOREALIS is a reflection of the merging of soaring and psychedelic soundscapes with songs.
Judith Martin is currently putting the finishing touches on her upcoming solo album.

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