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© 2007 All songs written, performed, produced by Aubrey Agard.


Sunrises, sunsets, dolphins, garbage cans (you know, the aluminum ones with the dented, well-used look), fizz, hardo bread, pneumatic drills, the smell of fresh cement ... its a long list.


Judging by initial reactions, its been too long since a songwriter/artist came around with songs that just rejuvenate your soul and capture your imagination.

With his debut CD "The Tangerine Toad", Aubrey Agard pulls listeners into his world with a fusion of psychedelic 60s and acoustic roots music, entwined with his own mixture of tropical rhythms.

At once focused and groovy, "The Tangerine Toad" is a combination of several styles, and the result of mixing them in unique proportions to reveal a catchy new blend.

Inspired by Bob Marley and The Beatles, Agard began playing the guitar in his pre-teen in the Caribbean. By the time he moved to Toronto in his late teens, and started logging thousands of gig-hours on bass and keyboards, in nightclubs and speak-easies, it became clear he had a gift.

Agard earned a Billboard Song Contest "Certificate of Achievement" award for his first attempt at songwriting and is, as of this writing, a semi-finalist in the 2007 International Songwriting Contest (ISC).

Besides writing and producing "The Tangerine Toad" CD, Agard sang everything and played all instruments. That is, except where he allowed some real drumming heavyweights to add their talents, including: James Brown's funky drummer: John 'Jab O' Starks; Motown's golden-era master percussionists: Pistol Allen, Uriel Jones, Jack Ashford; Aerosmith's rock solid Joey Kramer; session drummer extraordinaire (Madonna, Elton John): Ralph Salmins.

Aubrey Agard brings a fresh change of style to listeners who are tired of the same old competitive sound in music. His natural vocals provide a fresh complement to his off-the-mainstream groove of songwriting techniques.

"The Tangerine Toad" CD is good listening, filled with all of the powerful dynamics that make a great record. To quote one fan, the only trouble with it is, it leaves you "wishing for more!"

For more information, please visit: THETANGERINETOAD.COM

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