I live in London, UK. I have been composing music all my life practically. I concentrate on soundtracks. Hope you will enjoy my music.

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The trilogy called "The Chambers". Which is an orchestral journey through one man's Holocaust.It is on sale now.

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Andrew L Foyston was born in Portsmouth England UK in 1951 but moved to the North of England early in life where he stayed until he was 18.I have not been musically trained but have loved being around the creation of music always.I served 22 years in the Royal Air Force as an Air Traffic Controller and when I came out of the RAF, I then began to take composing more seriously.I have to use the various software available namely Fruity Loops, East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra, Edirol Orchestra and Miroslav Philarmonic to enable me produce what I do. I like to concentrate on Film amd TV soundtracks as there is much more scope. I have 3 Albums out at the moment. They can be found on www.cdbaby.com/andrewfoyston
I also have websites at www.soundclick.com/andyf and www.mp3unsigned.com/andyf which house a host of similar tracks. Please pay a visit and enjoy!! Skybound entertainment have signed me and added me to their catalogue.

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