All Left Out began in March 2002, in Hamilton, New Zealand. The band has had several line-up changes and now consists of; Ken Pratten - Vocals and Guitar, Dave Murray - Guitar, BV's, Hiona Hay - Bass, and Nathan Speeden - Drums, BV's.
All Left Out self recorded an EP, 'Retrospect' in January 2003. In February 2005, they recorded their debut album, 'Never Say Never'. That June they flew to the USA and independently released the album in New Zealand, the USA and Canada. It was released in the UK, in May 2006 and has so far, independently, sold 17,500 units worldwide.
Returning home in December 2005, they began booking the 'Never Say Never' tour, which commenced in March 2006 and included extensive dates in the US, and the UK.
Back home in September 2006 they began writing their second album, 'The Conquest'. It was released in June 2007 and has sold 14,000 copies so far. This means the band has independently sold over 31,000 albums!

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