Influenced by many.

You can dance,


ponder the universe,

make love,

or just trip out.

Please enter, and enjoy the sounds.

Thanks for letting my music be a part of your realm.

Peace, Love, Laughter

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Haven't been to this site for a long time. I'm surprised that Broadjam still has my artist page! Haven't done any music for a while. Hopefully, that will change!

I AM that I AM

I am Terrance Kyle Brown. I was brought into this world April 24, 1962. My father was in the Air Force which is why I grew up in Las Vegas. I remember loving music as a child and sitting in front of the big woofer and between the two hi-range speakers on each side of the Motorola hi-fi. My parent's taste in music varied, mostly R&B and Motown with some jazz. I even remember hearing The Beatles, Franki Valli, Three Dog Night, Blood Sweat and Tears, The Young Rascals, and lots of 60's AM radio.

I attempted to take a piano lesson when I was 8, but Pops got kinda pissed when I stopped practicing and abruptly ended the lessons. Made another attempt at a lesson at 14, but became involved in theater and musical performance in high school which limited my ability to practice. By the way, thank yous to: Judith Roberts, Bud Stephen, and Marlin Nielsen for bringing my talents to light. I'd also like to thank Todd Englert (you left us way too soon...Love and miss you dearly), Jason Ayon, Stacey Vukasin, Krissy Ayon, Kathy O, Dana Farber, Vita Corimby, Diana Padilla, Debbie Burisch, Kevin Coleman, Toy Rhea Gregory III, and Paul Summers Jr. for having a major influence - without these people, I don't think I would have realized my warped sense of creativity.

I started to take the piano a little more seriously in college. I attended UNLV 1980-1983, and there was a grand piano in the ballroom in the Student Union, so I would spend time after or between classes literally banging on the keys. I decided to bring my boombox to school and start recording my "sessions." Deborah Burisch was my constant companion, providing lyrics and background vocals. I still have those recordings, and hope to share them with you in the future.

While attending UNLV, I met Darrin Watts, an aspiring guitarist and songwriter. We were both developing our respective techniques at the time, and decided to join forces and form Cazultz. (We came up with that name because we were working for the US Postal Service as casuals - part-timers with no benefits). I was armed with my tiny Casio portable and he with his acoustic guitar and the rest is, well, not quite history, but we've come a long way since then. After 3 years of separation, we hooked back up in 1988 and started laying down tracks on a 4-track cassette recorder. Every weekend we would get together and jam. Some of those old demos will be made available for listening as well ( Darrin is the one who started calling me Transformer. He says it was because I used to just play in different keys, but was able to make it all sound "right" somehow. I don't know a whole lot about theory, just the basics - I was just playing what sounded good to me. But now Cazultz is on hiatus - we have not cut a demo since acquiring all of this new high-tech equipment. Well, I have....

I would like to share with you many of the songs and demos I've created over the years. I'm not the greatest singer in the world and don't claim to be a singer at all. Please be forgiving if the vocals are somewhat disturbing.

I'm still employed by the US Postal Service. . I've been working for them since 1983, and I guess I'll be with them for another 10 years, or whatever year it is when you read this bio, currently 2008. Maybe I'll write a tell-all book about that organization sometime.... In the meantime, I'll be busy creating.

Thanks for taking the time to learn a little more about me. I hope you enjoy what you hear, and would love any feedback.

Remember Love and that we are Divine

We are all one


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