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"We work to generate the creativity on the planet, realizing our gifts as God given to the planet to artiscally communicate our reflections of our world, yours, and mine. The artists on this web site are a collection of talented individuals that Kenny Parvenu either has produced or came in contact with and developed their contribution worthy of promotion!! At Parvenu Group Inc you'll always find the fresh, raw ideas of the music industry, 'cause we grab 'em from the womb and send 'em to the stars. Peace to the Gods of the Earth(7). Y'all know Who Y'all are. Keep Reachin', Keep Teachin', and Keep Lovin', !! Hotep! All praise to Noble Drew Ali, in the name of Yahshua!! And so it is!!

Kenny Parvenu (BIO)

Kenny Parvenu

Trombonist, Songwriter, Producer, Engineer, Background and Lead Vocals. Born and raised in Detroit, MI, to two musicians Edna and Harold Dodson, (who played bass on Hugh Masekala's Grazin' in the Grass piece). Grew up in Tabernacle Baptist Church on Beechwood under Reverend Dr. Frederick G. Sampson. Godfather was Charles Coleman one of the finest organists from the D. My mother is currently singin' it up on the restaurant/country club jazz venues in Augusta, GA..Music has always been a family trait. I have operated/owned and managed studios/artists/production companies in Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Augusta, GA, and now in Charlotte, NC. (SSL;Pro-Tools, Steinberg, I have played trombone (Bach Strad Big Bore) in five piece jazz quintet, or brass ensemble, or eight piece funk band, or 75 piece orchestra, or six piece rock band, or eight piece reggae band, blues, uhh, you get my point, I play trombone. From 'Stolen Moments' to 'Maiden Voyage', 'My Favorite Things', to Parlaiment Funkadelic, or Chicago to Rolling Stones to Jill Scott doesn't matter...Also my tools experience is vast starting with the arp moog, D-80, M1's, d-5, to d-50, sp-1200, mpc60-4000xl from Boss to Neve, 4-trk to 64 channel digital automation..Cakewalk, Pro-tools (all levels), Nuendo, Reason, Logic, Evnet, Alesis, Akai, doesn't matter been there done that and still looking to experience more. Completed courses at UCLA Extension Music Business program. (Business & Legal, Publishing, Tour Management, Songwriting) Music business courses from pros such as Richard Schulenberg, Judy Ross, Preston Glass, Guy Blake. Played trombone w/U.S. Army Band. Proficient in makin it funky, what ever it is... Currently collaborating with Gary Graham (Jus Gee) North Click Records Inc., in Charlotte, NC, and my own production/management company Parvenu Group Inc. Since I've been in Charlotte I have performed the 'Lucas' character at Blumenthal Theater , uptown Charlotte, in opera called 'Cold Sassy tree' 2003. Boy that was trip, and thanks to all the good people at Opera Carolina for given 'da bro that opportunity, I had fun............Kenny Parvenu's focus is to mine out the musical talent that exists in its rawest form develop it, train it, coach it, market and exploit it! My songwriting influences Chicago blended with Ronnie Laws, Herbie Hancock, with a Barkays spice, add a lot of Confunkshun, Quincy Jones, George Duke and Dramatics, and Spinners and, Yellow Jackets, Michael Franks maybe you got me pegged. In other words there are so many influences that I don't know until the next tune comes out who is channeling through me.The sounds you hear were recorded, many written (tracks), and some sung (Be Where You Want, Good Love for Ya, Pins and Needles), by me and my cohorts at da' house what I call 'shangrila'.and at other producers studios that we collaborate with in all areas of the music business in multiple cities.....I also have worked on the management/development of producers/studios and artists in Los Angeles, ("Westside"), 3-5 in Augusta, and 10 -12 artists in Charlotte ..and we are still reachin' ain't that right N.CLikitty..Yah-ll be Blessed L-7 Square We Out>>>>........

Parvenu Group Inc

Was established to bring empowerment to the creative beings on the planet. We educate and teach one another to bring a better understanding of our gifts, as means of better understanding ourselves. Musicians, writers, poets, painters, ministers, priests, carpenters, architects, doctors, on and on and on...All gifts of Our Creator's Glory, the ability to create....Kenny Parvenu believes that the song is and should be king of the 'music' industry, not the producer, or the label, or the race based genres , the art, though image is art, practicing and refining your craft/gift is to 'worship' the 1 that gave it to you,not for the money, though it may come, but for a 'marriage with self', which in turn creates respect and union with 'the all'!! Uhuru!! Hallelu-YAH!! The music you'll be listening to is a combination of artists, songwriters, producers,and musicians that originate from all over the country that have not by coincidence came together to bring us their gifts combined with one another.....
Producers; Kenny Parvenu, Jus*Gee (Gary Graham), AKO, PoBoi, Edna Morgan ...Artists Kenny Parvenu, Money Mone, AKO, KOREH El, County Boy,Blake, Point Blanque, Luke Milton, Ayanna, Po Boi, Edna Morgan ( my ma')
Kenny Parvenu


Parvenu Group Inc 's Good Love For YA comes in #5 on Broadjam's top 10 rap/eastcoast artist genre....featuring Mon'e Mone and Kris...Congratulations fellas good Work...

Kenny Parvenu

Project Blowed

Scraploverzulu informed me you guys are still holdin' down in Leimert...Do the Damn thing then!


CHAOS NET ,Scraploverzulu,ArtUS

Check out Scraplover and ArtUS Mansoir in Leimert Park @CHAOS NETWORK, every month an open mic!

Money Mone

Money Mone(Be Where You Want, Good Luv 4 ya) another arm in the PGI/North Clik Records body jumps in the broadjam pool...Don't miss, check him out!

Top 10 Stats

Congrats to N.Clik Records Inc. for outstanding performance in top 10...North Clik Records collaborators with PGI are by Broadjam stats hot as fire Jus-GEE keep 'em comin'

Top 10 Stats

Jus-GEE Parvenu-#1@top10earth/top10rap/top10southeast/top10UnitedStates/top10n.carolina/top10rapeastcoast

Good Love for ya: Kenny Parvenu-vocals, Money Mone-rap 4 weeks top10 rap/eastcost/top10 n.carolina

Peaceile- Instrumental/ Kenny Parvenu/ top10/r&b contemporary/top10/r&b contemporary-n.carolina/top10n.carolina

Mr. Flex-Instrumental/Kenny Parvenu /top10R&B/top10R&bcontemporary/top10 n.carolina

Enough is Enough/Koreh El/top10rapeastcoast/top10 n.carolina/

More than 90 top ten spots

With more than 90 top ten spots, since Jan. 2006 ,we at Parvenu Group Inc like to thak you all for that amazing response. I would like to thank all the artists that worked with me in Charlotte, NC and Augusta Ga, for their creativity and love of the art!


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