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Nakisa grew up into a musical family, as her both parents used to sing all the time and her older sister played piano at home-celebrations and festivals.

Nakisa started a singing class at the age of 6. As years passed by, she became even more interested in singing for the school bands. Madonna was her favourite.

She moved from her native Tehran, Iran to Denmark in 1987 with a lot of dreams. One of them was to become a successful singer, but difficult circumstances in her life prevented her to persecute her wish, at least for some years.

After graduating from High School, Nakisa started at The Royal School of Pharmacy in Copenhagen, studying pharmacy, but Nakisa’s first love was singing. So along with her study she continued working on her passion for music and improved her singing technique.

Nakisa got a lot of encouragement from her friend Ana, whom she met at the university. Ana was studing music at the Copenhagen University and was the one who discovered the singing talent hidden in Nakisa for several years. Soon Nakisa and Ana started to make a team and work more professionaly, but lack of funding put the project at an early halt.

First in 2003 Nakisa and Ana succeeded in making 2 songs. Nakisa soon found work at recording studio singing pop music. She took part in Sisse Marie’s mini mini-album "Boom", which was released this summer in Denmark.

Recently Nakisa decided to publish her first song “Break it up” , recorded at ApRecords studios and now she is happy to present her first song to the public. Soon she will return to the studio to record several new songs for her audience.

Nakisa is very thankful for the many letters and e-mails she receives from her fans in Denmark and outside of Denmark.

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