Motor Inn Music is a collaborative group of musicians working across the country writing and publishing original material for TV, movies and established artists looking for new material. We are, Ross Santos, keys and guitar, Kelly Ralston, drums and percussion, Frank Huston, guitar phenom, extraordinaire. Holding up the bottom end is Stevie Hall, the rock solid locking and groove-laying bassman. Jon Statham, singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist is also occasionally in collaboration with us as well as guitarist and vocalist Randy Ruebsamen.

Our mission is to become a solid on-demand writing/performing team capable of working with industry music supervisors, providing interesting and professional quality music for both film and television, and also reliable song writers and demo producers for Indie artists.

Stevie Hall

Stevie Hall has been playing bass for over 35 years. Being the youngest of 5 boys and all of them professional bass players. This unique situation has given him the edge over most other players as not only has he grown up influenced by his older bass playing brothers but has had the privilege of playing in some extremely talented bands across the country and with some of the best musicians that money can buy. He has toured extensively for over thirty years and he has been in and out of many studios writing his own songs, collaborating on songs and doing studio sessions and live performances with many class A musicians. He has appeared in music videos and television performances as well.

Stevie Hall is one musician/bass player that can be relied upon in any musical situation. His constant craving for perfection in his craft makes him an extremely desired asset to any musical venture that he is involved in. Playing mostly rock, blues and pop in his younger years, he felt the need to expand and explore other musical styles and went on to playing country rock, smooth jazz, alternative and contemporary music just to name a few.

Stevie Hall hails from the city of Champaign, Illinois where he lived until the ripe old age of 18. He then started his touring around the country and he has lived in several different musical hot spots such as Los Angeles, St. Louis, Minneapolis, and Las Vegas. He now resides in his home state of Illinois so he can be close to his family and get back to his roots. But even now he is more active than ever in music, collaborating on writing and recording projects and continuing to perform live shows in his own rock and roll band.

Jon Statham

Jon Statham was raised on music.

His father worked at country music station WQIX, interviewing country music stars such as Loretta Lynn and Tanya Tucker., and one time during a live music broadcast, was visited by members of Hank Williams band, who stopped in to play after hearing the broadcast.

One knew when they entered the Statham house, that this family treasured music. Whether it was dad playing guitar and singing country and folk songs from the 30's and 40's, to mom and the kids assigning vocal parts to an Irish ballad for church - there just always seemed to be music.

After attending Berklee College of Music, Jon Statham set out to hone his songwriting skills playing clubs with his heavy rock band FIVE POUND OPINION and coffeehouses with his acoustic songs in upstate New York .

He was soon in Los Angeles to pursue his artistic goals. He began working with Latin pop star Alejandro Lerner from Argentina and garnering the praise of Wayne Carson, the Country Music Hall of Fame Inductee and writer of "Always on My Mind" and a dozen other hits.

Early in 2008 he had the pleasure of working with producer J.J. Blair on the soundtrack for the Warner Brothers DVD film "The Utopian Society".

J.J. is known recently for his work on the Rod Stewart album "The Great American Songbook III" and for his work with the late June Carter Cash.

According to Music Connection magazine: "(Jon) appears to know what he intends to articulate and is comfortable in doing so in a flawless deliverance... During the solo performance, Statham confidently and calmly delivers his songs with the sincerity of Bob Dylan and tenderness of James Taylor..."

After living in both New York and Los Angeles , playing and singing lots of styles of music, Jon has come to settle where he always belonged - in a songwriter's town called Nashville , Tennessee .

Kelly Ralston

Drummer/percussionist living in the SF Bay Area with almost 40 year's playing experience. Still laying it down on his Ludwig tri-color Vistalites in his home studio in El Cerrito, CA. Also an established afro-cuban percussionist, having spent the last 6 years studying congas and latin percussion with Bay Area legend Edgardo Cambon. Kelly brings a wealth of experience, dedication, discipline and most importantly, creativity to Motorinn Music.

Kelly also chairs the percussion seat in the Albany Jazz Big Band delighting audiences with bold, brash and tasty solos, as well as being the solid rhythm foundation on which the other musicians are able to play and perform. His band leader was overheard saying, "I don't know what he's doing in this band, he should be in New York City".

Easily able to switch hats, Kelly can play many styles of music, and on many different instruments. From the drumset to timbales, congas or bongos, he brings an enthusiasm to every project he is involved in and has an insatiable appetite for practicing and learning new things. Never content with his level of playing, he constantly strives to get better, have more fun, and most importantly, create great music.


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Hi Guys.. Thanks for listening to my songs and leaving a comment. Did you know that Phil Collins has resigned from music saying that the music they play on the radio nowadays is alot of rubbish?! Well....thats cos songs like yours arent on the air! I listened to Thats the Way I Left you and A Part of Me, and I think they are great solid pieces of art. Very enjoyable with a great energy! Will definintely be coming back to listen to the rest! Best of Luck...

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