I am a local composer/song write out of the streets of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I rap about real life events and display flexibility when it comes to all subjects for a topic. i am unsigned, unknown, and ready to be heard. i dont say to much; i just do it. tune in to Tony and Turn Up. I have youtube videos, facebook vidios, and a facebook musicians pgae. follow me, like my pages, and lets callborate. i need support not a hand out, but i will except what ever is available. Taking Music Occuations for an Associates Degree at M.A.T.C. http//:www.facebook.com/Tonyturnupterry
email: tonyterry9868@gmail.com (414)3497461.

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I just started persuing this career after being incarcerated. i go after what sales not what is a good song. my idols in the music business is Tupac (r.i.p.), Jay Z., and Rakeem, Lil Wayne, Nas, and Biggie Smalls, ect. I have been writing music since twelve years old. i am tryna devorce the streets and marry the rap business, because i was blessed to do what pupose i have and thats give back to the streets i took from thru songs. i have experiences in recording and performing.
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