Hi there warriors!  Hope all is well out there in Funville : )  We are going to finish the TYSO project (3rd) and add an additional 6 songs before moving on.  The “Black Opal” Music Opera is still filed at “Dead Aunt Themal’s Recording Studio” and we will one day get back to that.  Looking at returning to Inner Light Studio to work with Ron Gardner once again in May/June of 2023.  Frankfurt11 you can now stream all our music on all common; Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, et…  Keep Rocking and above all else “Play it LOUD!

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Finishing the Take Your Shit Off (TYSO) record.  Six more songs to record and in between we will work on the "Black Opal" project.

Frankfurt 11 / Origination

All Music Rights are property of Frankfurt 11

Frankfurt 11 Bio

The band was formed by Frank Leets and Dan Gilmore in October 2004 when they started recording the first album project “St Paulie Girl”. The first record was recorded in Horsebach, Germany at Inner Lights Studio. The producer is Ron Gardner and is very respected in the broadcast industry throughout Europe. Dan and Frank completed the project in January 2005 and received the Masters that May. The project is currently recorded in the library of congress for copyright. The second project “Logan’s Run” was recorded in March 2006. The Master should be completed and glassed by June 2006.

Band Name: The band was named after a party of 11 friends that went down to Frankfurt Germany to celebrate Dan Gilmore’s 21’st birthday. It was surely a night to remember for some and others to forget. The Frankfurt 11 because 12 is just to many:).

Frankfurt 11 / Daniel Gilmore

Daniel Gilmore, Alaskan in Exile / Rhythm, Classical Guitar and Back up vocals:

I began my life in Colorado, but moved to Alaska before I knew the difference. I picked up a guitar for the first time when I was 8, plucking the un-tuned classical strings until I was able to put a note or two together. When I was 15, I purchased a decent guitar with money earned working on a farm. That's when I started learning how to play.
My room was littered with sheets of tablature printed from the Internet. I listened to everything I could get my hands on, from local death metal Christian music to David Lanz. The band of my youth was Pearl Jam. I've owned at least 15 copies of "Ten." I'm 23 years old, and I joined the Navy 5 years ago. This led to the formation of the Frankfurt 11.
I brought my guitar on a deployment to Germany, and started jamming with Frank Leets and a cat named Ron Melton. Frank could shred. Ron played bass. Next thing I knew, we had a couple songs put together and we were in search of a studio to record them in. Frank found a place owned and operated by an American who charged a flat rate per song.
In the midst of the high tempo deployment, we began recording songs, often writing the music on the spot. We set out to record "Out of Time" with no clue what we were going to play. I rode in the back seat of a rental playing different riffs and progressions while Frank drove. We settled on the tune and Frank wrote the lyrics right there in the studio while I was recording my tracks. Now we're a week away from recording the next album, and I'm re-enlisting for 3 years of instructor duty here in Whidbey Island, Washington. Currently Retired US Navy : )

Frankfurt 11 / Frank Leets

Frank J. Leets / Lead Vocals and Guitar:

Frank was born in Inglewood California May 1969. Frank played in a band called "Field of Steel" in the Los Angels basin while growing up. His first guitar was given to him by Carl Wilson of the Beach Boys in 1975 a beautiful Rickenbacker and the single greatest influence in his musical life was Randy Rhoads (A famed guitarist for Ozzy in the early 80's). He joined the Navy and became an Aviation Rescue Swimmer and Jet Mechanic.
While stationed in Hawaii he recorded his first single and won the composers contest for the Hawaiian Islands Chain in 1990. He continued recording with friend Mike Sullivan. Once transferred to Whidbey Island, WA Search and Rescue in 1991 Frank and Mike recorded 4 songs out of Binary Studios in Bellingham WA.
Frank went on in the Navy to do combat search and rescue and is now serving as a Master Chief Petty Officer in a unit deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan. Currently Retired US Navy : )

Frankfurt 11 / Joshua Venter

Joshua Venter / Bass Guitar and back-up vocals.
Josh is tall, crazy and luves to hear all the women scream his name !!!!! Josh likes living on the edge and playing the strongest Heavy Metal / Hard Rock music possible. The son of Frank J. Leets he was destine for the stage. His fans are the most important thing to him besides his family. A diversified musician he enjoys a wide range of music, from Iron Maiden to Classical. Come scream for him at our next show.

Frankfurt 11 / Mike Sullivan

Mike Sullivan / Lead Guitar and Back up vocals:

Mike was born in Pensacola, Florida in April 1968 and has a younger brother. He grew up with a heavy interest in music and sports. As a teenager he converted from traditional orchestral band instruments to the electric guitar. Mike began playing in bands around the San Francisco Bay Area in the mid 1980’s. In 1987 he joined the Navy and became a Rescue Swimmer and Submarine Hunter.
Mike met Frank in the barracks in Florida and formed an immediate friendship and lust for trouble. Frank and Mike were stationed at the same bases throughout Mike’s enlistment. After the Navy, Mike moved to Hawaii to be near Frank and the music. The two recorded and wrote some of the songs that appear on the St. Paulie Gurl album.
Over the next few years Mike and Frank played together in Hawaii and Washington. Career aspirations put a ten year hold on the two playing together. Frank pursued a career in the Navy and Mike became a Network and Systems engineer and ultimately started a successful Technology consulting firm in New Jersey. He has a wife, son, and two daughters.

Frankfurt 11 / Kevin Randall

Kevin Randall / Drums:
Kevin is a high energy percussionist with a taste for the unexpected. A US Marine Corps Staff Sergeant, this Devil Dogg radiates pure power and control. None stop heated drum sticks spin an insane web of rhythm that will swallow you up. Kevin hails from the great State of Georgia and ensures practice is scheduled around the Georgia Bull Dogg games. Come see him play and personally witness his wrath. TYSO!!!!!!!!

Frankfurt 11 / Susanne Scheafer

Susanne Schaefer / Back -up vocals:

Susanne is a recording artist as well as a performing artist in Germany. She performs all year long when she is not in the studio assisting other recording artists. A welcom addition to Frankfurt 11's studio project

Frankfurt 11 / Ron Gardner

Ron Gardner Engineer / Producer and keyboards:

Ron has produced well into 75 published records and has played with such musicians as Johnny Cash and others.
Ron was the strongest referal the band had when enquiring as to who was the best in Germany to record this type of project.
Ron served in the US Airforce in Germany and has remained there ever since. He tours with famed German Country Artist' when not in the studio with clients.

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