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National Review,

Artist: Elijah Ride

CD: Self-Titled

Home: South Georgia

Style: Christian Pop/Gospel

Quote: "Elijah Ride, in the end, is one memorable musical trip."

By Dan MacIntosh

Elijah Ride makes explicitly Christian music, which may appeal to fans of Jars Of Clay and Caedmon’s Call. In fact “Crashing Down,” the opener here, sounds a whole lot like Jars Of Clay’s “Flood,” and even matches that hit song's intensity.

Each CD track contains a spiritual message, with “Levitate” rising to the top of the bunch. This single-worded work puts the topic of going to heaven in a whole new, heightened mystical perspective. Other notable selections include “Never Be the Same,” which is a quiet worshipful song that might just remind you of Prince’s “Purple Rain.” The overall mood of this recording is mostly quietly intense, although “Be Free” closes the proceedings with a gutsy lead vocal, along with a big rock guitar solo. The only song that comes up a tad short is titled “Where Were You.” This one takes a slightly pushy approach to dealing with the opinions of non-believers.

This is a fine release because of its strong songwriting and tight vocals -- the group's two best qualities. Elijah Ride, in the end, is one memorable musical trip.

Elijah Ride(ing) to Eternal Life

Up-and-coming contemporary Christian band Elijah Ride plays a free show Saturday at Kinchafoonee Baptist Church.

MILLWOOD — If you ask the members of Elijah Ride, they'll tell you their group is really a one-man show.

Todd Hall pelts away at the drums during a recent performance. The group will play a free show at 4 p.m. Saturday at Kinchafoonee Baptist Church in Leesburg.

From left, accoustic guitarist Brant Pickard and electric guitarist Brian McMillian play in Elijah Ride, which has opened for Audio Adrenaline, Point of Grace, NewSong, Kutless and Jars of Clay.
"Dear Lord, be our hands, be our feet ..." rhythm guitarist Brant Pickard prays before kicking off of a youth revival at a rural church in Millwood, a stop in the road near Waycross. "Let them not see us out there, but let them see you."

A free Jam for Jesus, which starts at 4 p.m. Saturday, hosts Elijah Ride along with Leesburg band Riverdale at Kinchafoonee Baptist Church, 219 Century Road in Leesburg.

The seven guys have conviction; it shows their lives are reserved for Jesus Christ.

Their backgrounds reflect the diversity of everyman; one is a doctor, another a diesel mechanic and another a restaurant busboy. Likewise, their hometowns are spread across south Georgia. But with frequent shows, their message is spreading even further.

"And it came to pass, as they still went on, and talked, that, behold, there appeared a chariot of fire, and horses of fire, and parted them both asunder; and Elijah went up by a whirlwind into heaven," 2 Kings 2:11 states.

"Where Elijah never experienced physical death, he went up in a chariot of fire," explains vocalist Todd Trebony. "That's kind of where (the name) 'Elijah Ride' came from."

The band, however, came together through open auditions set up by Nick Mclellan of Tifton's AfterHours Productions, which was looking to find "the group of the area."

Vocalist Scott Morey jokingly compared the unlikely meeting to a car crash.

"It's amazing," keyboardist Andrew Wilkes says. "We just all kind of clicked."

Now, the band is a year and a half old, and its already opened for the big hitters in contemporary Christian music such as Audio Adrenaline, Point of Grace, NewSong, Kutless and Jars of Clay.

"I think they're comparable in every way to NewSong (which also formed in south Georgia)" Pastor Keith Floyd said outside his Zion Hill Freewill Baptist Church.

If it wasn't obviously a church, you'd never know a Christian concert was playing inside the building. From outside, it sounded like typical heavy drumming, whining guitar, rhythm, bass and keyboards. Along with two lead vocalists, it's otherwise known as the perfect model for a rock 'n' roll band.

But it's inside, of course, where the band wants you to be and where the lyrics let you know this band is different; it has a Christian message. But don't think they sacrifice the rock.

"Their lyrics are powerful, too," the pastor said.

"Be Free" begins a slow love song from Jesus to his people, but it soon turns to a vivid testimony. A "praise pit" forms in the church sanctuary.

"I put my faith in the man who rose from the dead, who bled from the crown of thorns on his head. ... I will not hide my God from your eyes. This is my life, this is not a disguise. ..."

And such is life for Elijah Ride.

For information about the band, visit

Press Review, July '05.

There are few bands in music today that have the potential to be around for a long time and continue to grow in popularity. Elijah Ride appears to be one of those bands destined for greater things and a long career. The band released their self-titled, independent CD in April after
months of anticipation from area fans. For those who
waited and waited for it to finally come out, they were not
disappointed. This CD features 10 songs written by the Elijah Ride's own songwriters, keyboardist Andrew Wilkes and acoustic guitarist Brant Pickard. The songs cover a variety of styles and topics, but they all have one thing in common: pointing the listener in praise to God. Whether the listener is a fan of rock, slower acoustic jams or
worship music, they will not be disappointed with "Elijah Ride." While the band calls themselves a worship rock band, they can also play the slow, melodic songs as well.
"Elijah Ride" starts off with a slow piano intro
before breaking out into a heavy guitar riff and pounding drums on the song "Crashing Down." Elijah Ride mixes the two almost incompatible elements of growling guitars and piano solos as well as any other band. Vocalists Scott Morey and Todd Trebony compliment each other
throughout the CD. The mix of acoustic guitars from Pickard and electric guitar riffs courtesy of Brian McMillan flow almost effortlessly from song to song. Keyboard and piano tracks by Wilkes, bass from Lee Taylor and the drums of Todd Hall complete the package of Elijah Ride and their music. Most CD's on the market have one or two standout tracks, but every song on "Elijah Ride" stands out apart from each other. These 10 songs can release a wide gamut of emotions, whether it be full-out, hands-raised praise to God to introspective reflection, but the CD
will take the listener on a ride to lift up the name of the Lord. Whether it be a few weeks or a few years down the road, fans of good, quality music with a message need to pay attention to Elijah Ride. If their very 1st CD is an indication, this band is on course to accomplish great things for the Kingdom of God.
--John Oxford, music editor, the Observer, So.Georgia.


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hey ride,i have been to moultrie georgia before-hope you all are having a great summer/peace-joe.

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