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D.3.V. has been a musical entity since the age of five,
banging on turned over pots and pans.

D.3.V. is an acronym for Destined to Exist as a Vessel.

D.3.V.'s music stands alone but can give flavor and entirely new aesthetic viewpoints to any visual or lyrical piece.

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www.d3volution.com - Future of Music

Blest made Top 10 on the Trip Hop charts - Stay Blessed

Check out STR. Productions remastered version of my song C'mon on his page.

I now have custom instrumental service available. If you have an idea, theme or concept for a beat that you would like me to create contact me and I can make it happen.

From now until March I will release 3 new tracks a month... stay tuned.



D.3.V. aka Devin Porter was born in Boston Mass, Septempber 18 1988. Both his parents were DJs who taught him an early love for music.

D.3.V. moved a lot and experienced various different aspects of life which helped mold his character. But spending the majority of his life in Boston the city took hold of his soul.

"The first record that awoke my passion and need for music was Erykah Badu's Baduizm. As a young kid in Rhode Island, I wore my cloths like Kriss Kross, wearing my jeans backwards. However, the artist that really introduced and made me fall in love with Hip-Hop was Method Man. Soon after that I was going to Wu-Tang shows and the seed of Hip-Hop had been planted deep in my heart."

It wasn't until the age of sixteen that he discovered musical
production software and his ability to manipulate it.

What began as a hobby became the sole target of his artistic energy.

His stand alone style is what gives value to his pieces.

The true emotions of D.3.V. can be heard and felt
through his compelling creations


Spitting Lama MIDI
over 30 days ago to D.3.V.

Excellent music. Some of the best of this genre on Broadjam.

over 30 days ago to D.3.V.

Thanks for your reveiw D.3.V. Peace homie. HuskyRecords.com

over 30 days ago to D.3.V.

RT folk, good look on the review!!!!

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