CaseyJ is a recording artist perform,write, producer, and business man.
Born in Kings County New York.
Classification: Experienced/Seasoned Artist
R&B Rap
Opening the Market for a New Catiglory/Genre
Cool soothing: Expressive/Hip-hop with R&B rhymes of reality.
The last album recorded sold over 7000 copies Portraits of the ghetto
Please take time to listen to a song of the Portraits album Called: (My Lady)
This song was one of two singles from the Portrait Of The Ghetto Project.


The long awaited album is due to hit the streets in mid March. Casey.J has tiltled the album: My Gift My Curse"
This is an original street rapper with a repetiore of material that ranges from: Hood/Street Club/R&B Hip-Hop Soal in a catiglory of his own. Currently Mr.Casey is in search of recording contract as an artist.


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Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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