i am a professional guitarist that has worked in many genres.Having trained in Theatre studies at Bretton hall , I found that working in the Prince Of Wales Theatre did not pay as well as the gigs as aguitarist did and I ended up in Spain ...cutting my teeth with commercial pop and country type gigs. Ended up in The Middle East (Oman and Dubai) doing Chillout ....rock....mexican and many other styles.

Came home to the UK to have the day job and start a family with my gorgeous SAX playing partner Julie. I am now, after teaching drama at The Cheltenham Ladies' College, Head of Drama at Cleeve School and am loving every minute.The music remains a big part of my life..composing for TV type projects as ROSSLIN and SNOWDONIAN MIST and fun rock things as BRYN THOMAS..../..enjoy

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bryn Thomas

bryn started his professional career playing in blues bands in the UK such as THE BREEZE and TOUR DE FORCE!...When he moved to the Middle East and Dubai he was employed by the 5 star hotel chain..the CROWN PLAZA to create differing genres for differing venues. After gigging solidly 6 nights a week for 17 years he returned to the UK where he now teaches ina secondary school and gigs occasionally woth local bands whilst writing over 300 songs from his home studio,

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