Boorish Boot is the band Maximum Rock N Roll said “Wallop’s you in the face like a wet fish”. Boris and Martin Gerlach molest their instrumentation in an Alternative Music World. We do not follow formulas of predictable manufactured music.  If your mind is open, find what you've been missing in the underground next wave of music from Boorish Boot and Black Sea Records.

Boorish Boot are:
Boris - Vocals / Guitar / Bass / Keyboards / Synths / Percussion / Song Writing / Engineering / Producer
Martin Gerlach - Guitar / Drums / FX / Piano / Synths / Engineering / Producer 

Latest News

Currently finishing up re-mixing / mastering of the following albums"
"Crunch Time" 2018,  "Prohibition Is Over" 2015

New Album "Screams" coming by year end 2022 (Almost Finished)

New Cover for Re-Issue of "Death Mission" on New Vinyl with additional material unreleased on original.
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