I am a Hip-Hop/R&B/Urban Pop music producer. My music background is derived from experience playing the sax, keys, music production, as well as multiple songwriting ventures. I'm a part-time music producer as and work full-time in the financial industry.  I'm also a retired Air Force veteran of 22 years. Production is my passion; however, I also record vocals from time to time. Through Broadjam and other licensing avenues, I have achieved placements on MTV (various shows), VH1 (various shows) , E! Network, OWN, ESPN, SHOWTIME Fox Sports as well as multiple independent films/documentaries. Additionally, I have mixed and mastered songs/albums as an on-demand service. My company, B Rob Productions, provides music production services to singers/songwriters and publishers worldwide. Thanks for stopping through and I hope you enjoy my expression through music.

-Billy "B Rob" Roberson (B Rob Productions and B Rob Publishing)

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10/4/16 - Kardashians 1/31/16 - BBall Wives LA; Living Lozada 5/30/14 - Kardashians - E!/ ESPN/FOX 2/6/13 - Mob Wives Chicago/True Life 6/8/11 - "Charlie Valentine"-SHO/MTV/VH1 2/6/11 - MTV/Film 11/9/09 - License deal-MTV (80+ songs) 2/19/09 - "Charlie Valentine" 12/21/08 - BJ 6-Pack: 8th, 2nd-Rap 4/26/08 - Univ of Wisconsin "First Wave"

B Rob Productions' Bio

Hailing originally from north central Louisiana, Billy Roberson, (B Rob) has had a love affair with music for as long as he can remember. Growing up listening to everything from R&B, to blues, to country to rock and hip-hop, those influences are evident in his music today.
From the first time he picked up a saxophone at age 12, music has been an outlet and opportunity for release/therapy. Although he secretly wanted to be a drummer, he took quickly to the sax and began experimenting with the keys. This only solidified his desire to make music. During high school, he broadened his skillset by writing a number of songs, starting a rap group and earning the title as "beat box" champion in his home town.

After high school, he attended Grambling State University. With academics as his current focus, music endeavors took a back seat for 4 years and became just another hobby. Following college, B Rob was commissioned in the Air Force as a second lieutenant and went off to do four years in the military. That four years quickly turned to eight, then twelve and eventually 20.

Now retired (after a nearly 22yr military career), we've come full circle to a hobby that has grown into a passion and now an expanding business opportunity and venture that been extremely rewarding to date.

Over that last four years, B Rob has made his mark with wins in a variety of songwriting contests several film/television placements both through Broadjam submissions and other avenues (MTV, VH1, ESPN SHOWTIME, E!, Fox Sports and mulitple independent films/documentaries). Each year his successes continue to grow. Now free to pursue his passion, 2015 (at this juncture) promises to be a landmark year and bring more placements and music opportunties. In short, B Rob is poised to make this year more successful than ever.

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