playing writing and producing music from my home studio since 1997

Recording history of My Music

My first ever recording was done in the loft at my parents house in Boston back
in 1995 on a £50 stereo with (only by chance) a mic input.A cheap £4.99 mic from
some TV shop and I was sorted.

The first song recorded was 'Losers game' which was then back in its day one of
my most played songs (chords were from Bob Marley's,'Waiting in vain') This was
recording on one track which as you can imagine the quality was quit poor.

So I invested in my first Multi-tracker,...Tascam 424 Port-studio...£120 and
really pushing the boat out I got a second hand SM58 for £70.
The very first song recorded was 'Watch the day go by' this for me was a major
breakthrough in recording I could not believe how clear the sound was plus
using 4 tracks it opened up a gateway of creativity.After 'Kosavo' and 'I know
you know' we soon started to use the 424 for almost every session.
The only draw back being,in my obsessive compulsive state and having a great
melody/hook,I use to just grab the first tape to hand and record over what was
on it And as I remember there was some damned fine tunes lost.....I hadn't
realized labels had a purpose..

My confidence grew and the feed back I was getting was so positive,that in 2000
I pushed the boat out and got a Tascam 788 and CDR at the time This was cutting
edge and cost to my Wife's amusement £900.Plus Mics SM58's,leads, Amp Samson
100watt, Absolute twos speakers, bumping the price up to £1400.
The deal struck with my wife was £ for £ .So she got the a loft conversion she
had been begging me for!

After some weeks of agonizing reading of the Manual I finally got to with the
recording of Decapo's and UPR's first CD 'Ladybird' with the other tracks being
'Midnight caller' and 'Wonderful day'.Selling over 300 copies.I was suitably
impressed with the 788.
But then I got delusions of grandeur part exchanged the 788 for a Yamaha AW2816
16 track recorder with automated faders and built in CD Burner £1600!
Mrs Long got a leather 3pc suite and new bedroom furniture..
Refurbished UPR,added a sound booth ,acoustic insulation and generally tarting
the place up £2000.
Decking,new dining room furniture,and our very first PC
This was on my part a very silly move not only did a buy a 16 Track recorder
that I couldn't work.(way beyond my comprehension) I sold the 788 which had the
last 3yrs work on backed up on CD ..I couldn't use. WHAT A PLONKER!!

I managed to record and just about burn the second release from UPR.(Union Place
Records) 'Eyes wide shut' B-side 'Sorry' and 'Three headed lady' Very poor recordings
in my opinion and a lot of other people too!!
It still sits under a sheet waiting for my IQ, to raise .Never mind ,live and

I conceded defeat and recorded the Next Official release was not from UPR, but
at Gems The only PRO studio in Boston £250 a day with engineer.
It was here that 'Morte' was born alongside with 'Cant you see' , 'Your gone'
and 'Independence day'although not convinced with the Vocals,we overdubbed them
at UPR and put down the Lead guitar solo in Independence day all with an SM58...

This CD to date has sold........well I have duplicated over 3000 copies..
So I had to by another 788 £400 plus of course a new pyrotechnic oven for the
missus ..very Nice!!We have recorded several live sets at UPR,songs include
'You and me'.'makes
you wanna cry' and 'Brothers in arms'.

Although the days of rehearsing and recording in UPR (as blameless) are over.You
can see in this short Videoof UPR space is still issue.
It is still the place for me to write and record as Desouter Video and still
recording and rehearse to...
Now Happy again with the 788,I will in time learn how to use the AW2816 not quit
sure when.although Tammy is after new kitchen and I do like the look of the
new Tascam DP-01FX......................


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Where is take a cab ? cant find it

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Hey ,good list of songs and so good to hear them again x

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