Anton is a Jazz-trained guitarist that, through his extensive creative and live experiences, found his way into the electronic world of DSP, recording, Midi, and non-traditional guitar applications. Surrounded by skilled musicians and like-minded souls during his time studying Jazz, he has performed in a range of touring live acts, and his formal and creative skills, knowledge, and experience grew rapidly. Over time, he began experimenting more and more with tones, effects, looping, and other non-traditional guitar applications in attempts to achieve sounds and textures that seemed impossible to invoke from a guitar. He then ultimately started applying those techniques in live shows and studio recording with various musical groups, while still maintaining traditional jazz-guitar tonalities. With this wide range of experience, he brings a completely unique and intelligent voice and feel to his studio tracks, and he continues to follow his creative path in new directions.

Ozone Album Finished

I have just finished my latest album, called Ozone, Awake, and am packaging and shipping the album off this week. Many of these tracks are available under my Active Playlist here on Broadjam. Enjoy!


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Clean Clean

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