Excuse Me Moses/Universal Records Austria has released SUMMER SUN as they're first single and has added the track on their upcoming record "1st Last Will" released this summer.

I'm The One/Dance Mix hit #2 on the Western Canada & BC Top 10 Charts, #9 in the Canadian Top 10 Charts!

"No More Lies" has reached the Top 10!! Thanks everyone who voted for my song, this ones my baby :)

"Without You" has reached the Top 10 again!! Thanks everybody who voted

"Without You" has just made the Western Canadian Top 10. Thanks to everyone!

"I'm The One" just made the Top Ten for Electronic/Dance and Top Ten in BC.

Ain't Life Somethn'has made 4 categories in the Top Ten Charts.
#1 Blues Top Ten
#4 Canadian Top Ten
#2 Western Canada Top Ten
#2 British Columbia Top Ten

Thanks to all who's reviewed my music !!
"Summer Sun" has made 5 categories in the Top 10 Charts
#1 Pop-Rock Top Ten
#1 Pop Top Ten
#3 Canadian Top Ten
#2 Western Canada Top Ten
#1 BC Top Ten

Latest News

I received a nomination for the 17th Annual Los Angeles Music Awards for
Thanks to Ninjabeatz for the awesome remix!

I've recieved 3 finalist positions in 3 seperate catagories as well as 1 honorable mention in the UK Songwriting Competion.

Aint Life Somethin has made the charts again!!
#5 blues/ # 4 Canada/ #2 Western Canada

About Alicia

Alicia Johnson fell in love with music at a very early age, constantly singing in the car as a little girl to various songs on the radio. Not understanding her talent until she was approached by her teacher asking her to sing for the school's annual Christmas Concert. Embarking her teenage years, Alicia found herself singing for family and friends. She always dreamed of writing and recording her own record and being an International Star but was unclear as to how to begin and how to get herself there, until she met a friend/producer, Russell James who then introduced her to writer, Vince Degiorgio. Alicia began the works of a demo writing her first track "I'm the One". Writing a dance track was not the genre she had intended, as she considers herself as a pop artist, but Alicia has always been open to stepping outside the box artistically. Some time later Alicia attended a seminar for aspiring artists, writers, and producers where she met Ivan Berry. Alicia played her only recorded track for Mr. Berry and was invited to come and work with Perry/Alexander (Keshia Chante, Sean Desmond, Rasclaz) in Toronto. After leaving Toronto Alicia was given another opportunity by Berry to write with Dave Pickell (Lara Fabian) and Rupert Gayle (Keshia Chante, Sean Desmond). The experience was exhilarating, leaving Alicia hungry for the chance to write with other writers and gain respect as a singer/songwriter by her piers. June, 2004 Alicia received an invitation to write in Sony/BMG's "Canadian Idol" writing camp where she wrote with the likes of Randy Bachman (The Guess Who/Bachman Turner Overdrive), John Capek (Tina Turner, Rod Stewart), Rupert Gayle, Vince Degiorgio (N'Sync, Love Inc.) as well as many other renound writers from all over the world. The excitement of being invited was overwhelming. To be given the opportunity to prove herself as a writer was an honor and it just kept getting better. One-hundred-thirteen songs were written in the course of 6 days among the many writers attending. One of Alicia's co-written songs "Until You" was selected to be on the Idol winner's record, (Kalan Porter 2004). The summer of 2006 a song co-writen by Alicia was released as the first single of rock alternative band Excuse Me Moses - signed to Universal Austria, which was then released on their album 1st Last Will. In 2007 Alicia's attended the 17th Annual Los Angeles Music Awards where she was nominated for her self debuting song "No More Lies". From there Alicia is continuing to write for herself, with the aspirations of signing a major recording contract, as well as musical works for other artists.

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