Hamburg's The Reel Banditos have meshed together trip-hop, funk with theatrical themes and an organic sound as social commentary on a war that's been over for three-and-a-half decades. The War in Vietnam still inspires raw wounds two generations later, and Ernesto Diablo and Butch Loco do their best to capture the facts and feelings of that conflict on Indochina. The album is in your face and provocative without being preachy, letting your imagination fill in the visuals while it carries the listener along a story line most of us are familiar with. The Reel Banditos show an ability to mix rock and electronic music in a way that's more vibrant than many attempts I've heard. Ultimately I don't think it matters whether the themes or ideas you take from Indochina are the ones The Reel Banditos intended. The fact that you, the listener, take something from the experience is a palpable plus, and reflective of the talent, time and quality here. Indochina is a unique and interesting listen with real life to it. It's a fine offering. Edited review taken from:


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