Grey Noise White Lies

Not every artist can live up to their hype. Whether that hype is coming from the media, friends, or one's own mind... regardless, it brings many expectations with it. "Grey Noise, White Lies," the debut full length from Austin, TX's own Exeter has been drenched in hype from, and space rock fans can now rest easy. With anticipation building for the album for nearly a year's time, the disc arrived for my listening pleasure on the very day Exeter announced their duel label signing. Pop-Up Records,and Engineer Records have teamed up to combine their talents in support of this album's highly anticipated release. Back in January I wrote the band was, "carrying the torch for early 90s space rock music well into the new millennium," and with the backing of two labels who know the sound very well, Exeter are ready to carry the torch and primed to take the crown.

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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