Nikki O'Neill

"Hearing Nikki O'Neill is like listening to Chrissie Hynde sing to John Lennon in Otis Redding's kitchen. She takes everything she's learned about life, puts it into a blender and pours out a glass of soul!" - Will Ray (The Hellecasters, Steve Earle, Solomon Burke) The Nikki O'Neill Band's debut EP features "Starting Over", "It's Simple (But It's Not Easy)" and "Some Day." Featuring: Nikki O'Neill (lead/background vocals, lead/rhythm/acoustic guitars) Rich Lackowski (drums) Dapo Torimiro (bass, keyboards, rhythm guitars) Carmen Grillo (backing vocals, rhythm guitars) Bob Emmet (bass) Produced, arranged and recorded by Nikki O'Neill and Dapo Torimiro. Recorded and mixed by Carmen Grillo. Mastered by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering. Publisher: Snowflower Music (ASCAP) 2007. Master recordings owned by Nikki O'Neill.

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