Special music for memorial services to celebrate the life of a loved one with a gentle reminder that life goes on. The songs you will find on this album reflect our changing beliefs in an afterlife and that we are eternal beings. For more info please contact francine@rainbowmusic.ca Dedicated to my many dear and loving friends and family on the other side who were the inspiration for the songs on this album... booklet of lyrics & quotes by Glenda Green (Love Without End), Abraham (Abraham-Hicks), Elizabeth Kubler-Ross and Rosemary Altea (Proud Spirit) available with CD...inspiring & comforting...

Spirit is Calling...intro
New Age - General
Plays: 157
Going Home
Pop - Easy Listening
Plays: 493
River of Eternity
New Age - Contemporary
Plays: 447
Never said goodbye (GOING HOME)
Pop - Easy Listening
Plays: 330
The Other Side of Life
Pop - Easy Listening
Plays: 270
Beyond The Clouds
Pop - Easy Listening
Plays: 768
Classical - Medieval
Plays: 246
Recuerdos del querer
Pop - Easy Listening
Plays: 160
Sweet Shanna Goodbye
Classical - Romantic
Plays: 168
Children Of The Rainbow
Unique - Children
Plays: 922
Little child stands near (A)
New Age - Alternative
Plays: 412
I will always love you
Pop - Easy Listening
Plays: 585
Love Heals Everything (IF YOU LOVE THIS PLANET)
Pop - Lullaby
Plays: 1,100
Deep Peace
Folk - Traditional
Plays: 758
Do not stand at my grave and weep
Pop - Easy Listening
Plays: 830
All Is Well
New Age - Contemporary
Plays: 1,080
Shine on
Folk - Contemporary
Plays: 619
Follow me
Pop - Easy Listening
Plays: 1,572

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