Politique - Secret Shock

The new album from Politique, "Secret Shock", is all about the electric spark hiding beneath the surface of our chaotic lives....... And it almost didn't get made! Its been two years filled with shows, festivals, writing, editing, re-writing, babies(!),marriage,arguing, fighting, falling in love, going mad - all the right angles for intense songs! In the barrage of life taking over, it was a small miracle the album saw the light of day... After leader Roland wrote 25 - odd tracks, the Ottawa foursome sliced it down to 12 - agreeing there was no point repeating the more raw, indie sound of the first album - it was time for a radical departure. With Mallory Giles' icy - glass vocals casting a gorgeous sheen over beat-heavy electro production, and a focus on timeless songs, "Secret Shock" became a charged electro/synthpop catharsis, with its soul on the dancefloor, and its heart somewhere in space. The mood became dark, sensual, yet bouyant and hook-filled. REVIEWS: NOW Magazine, 2011: Ottawa electro rock quartet Politique are definitely onto something. Their glossy synth-centred pop is stadium-sized, and most songs arrive at a solid hook sooner or later. "Secret Shock" makes you expect political music, which this isn't. Album title Secret Shock would actually make a better name for these fun, retro-leaning dance rockers. In terms of songs, the killers are standout the Madonnaesque title track or the Bloc Party guitars on Mechanism. Top track: Secret Shock. SPINNER.CA: This bubble-pop baby raised on tech house and '80s new rave will bring the house down with their catchy indie-electro beats -- and wear out your dancing shoes!!


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