Innocence and Experience

My debut album was recorded over 2 weeks when I was 14! I saved up money by baby-sitting and called on friends of friends who were musicians and who would play on my album for a reduced fee... I wrote the songs (except for Wade In The Water) and produced it, designed the artwork, sang the songs, played some of the piano and kept the musicians in check, even though they didn't seem to like being told what to do by a 14 year old girl! It was one hell of a struggle, but I got it done, and I was incredibly proud of it! However, the songs that I'm writing now are much more folky and acoustic, unlike the songs on this album which is very alternative rock/ bluesy... So it's not a good gage as to what I'm doing now... But if you wanna hear what I was up to when I was 14 then take a listen...!


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Clean Clean

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