In Terr

For this project, I wanted to focus on making the tracks uptempo, not necessarily a dance record, and to keep them less than 6 minutes, since my previous two projects were more of a downtempo, ambient groove. The project initially started when I created a song for the UNLV Dance Department. Professor Havey approached me with a song in hand, "Blue Heat," and wanted me to make the song similar to that. "Chariots Azul" is the result. I had been working on the "In Terr" remix (originally appeared on my unofficial first cd "Dream Scenery") for quite some time. I finally finished it to my liking and included the final remix in this project. "Gene Poole" was created from a sample taken from "Cragston Loop" from the "Terra Morphic" album (which can be heard on my website). "She Walked Away" started when I found some acoustic guitar samples, beautiful female vocal oohs and aahs with, and various electronica washes. I brought it all together, and decided to open the track with a glass shattering. And "Republika" is remix of a remix of "Seague" (from Gate). The original remix, "Ugeeas," can be heard on my TranzMusik website. The remaining tracks were created for this project. I wanted to end it with a very fast track ("Upsprial"). My original plan was to end it with "She Walked Away," but wanted to leave the listener with a song which is typically uncharacteristic of my style, but also to make you want to stay tuned for more to come. Please note that this project is available in eco-friendly cd packaging, just a cardboard jacket - no jewel case! This project was professionally mastered in New York by Edward Vinatea. Enjoy. Peace Love Laughter, Tranz REMEMBER LOVE

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