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Help Support Impoverished Poverty Stricken Children If not for my music for the kids For Beats, Booking, Prices for songs send comments to : 510-222-1291

Also If anybody wants to win tickets to shows of major artists and get demo sessions contact Phat Beatz ENT for details. Help Promote Phat Beatz ENT win prizes and more.

Phat Beetz Entertainment has been developing and making music for seasoned music profesionals for 10 years. From artist in such areas as NY,CA,LA,ATL,VA, AND mainly in the bay area which is the most untapped music scene in the music circuit. Phat Beetz has 30 previously unheard albums from artist on there indie label. The money and proceeds from the efforts and review of there music go to benefit displaced families in african region that are wartorn and poverty stricken from systematic racism and abuse and unawareness of the luxuries of the world that cause the strife and violence and deaths of millions of africans from there natural resources and also to bring light to the same abuses here in america. Any artist that have done work for activism and believe in humanitarian causes and taking work to the mainstream to not sing the same songs for there own success have not worked with Phat Beetz and this is the oppurtunity. Phat Beetz has multi national acclaim and acknowledgment and can be looked up on the web under such names with famous Uhuru Imane. The lead artist of this label who has brought light to the music scene for this label about serious issues effecting people of color. For previously unheard tracks look up the links above and wrtie a review or purchase the cd and help displaced individuals and displaced families.IF you believe in humanitarian efforts through music then support this label and there artist who do there work for helping make others lives better around the world. Purchase a album and know your money is going to help make some one lives better somewhere else in the world.


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