With a heart for God, youth, music and horses, my faith has taken me on a long journey. As a budding recording artist, it is time to birng the music God has put on my heart to the forefront. Take time to listen. The music will speak for itself. It is an expression of God's love for you through me.

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These are my very first submissions!!!
I am very excited about the music and the chance to share it with you!!! Special Thanks to Dennis Cassandria for his amazing guitar chops and all his hard work!

Jeannie (Jet) Talarico

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Christian Music with a Message

I grew up as wild as the horses I now tame. Hard rock, fast friends, and no direction, but; I always had a guitar. My first one cost 10 bucks.

It was a long tough road with lots of blowouts and different guitars.
Jesus set me free from all the garbage, and then with His love He set me straight. He gave me a pasture to call my own, teeming with horses and green grass. The day He walked into my life, new songs were born into my heart. I believe the music He put inside my soul is why I was created. It is what I was born to do.

I confess I have really cheap recording gear. It’s in a corner that used to be the dining room. Who needs a table? Nonetheless, it gets the job done. I am not exactly a production genius, yikes. But, my stuff is really worth listening to. Help I need a producer! Seriously though, my music is good enough that it shouldn’t be too painful to power up the CD player. To be honest, if my songs encourage one person then they are of great value. It is my desire to bring Glory to God and joy to the listener. Whether it is at a big church, youth event, in a pick-up truck, at a campfire, or in front of my cheesy mixer. I want my songs to make difference for someone, and most importantly to touch the heart of God.

When I was a kid no one played for me, you know, for my heart? Maybe they played for themselves, maybe for the money? That’s cool but; I needed to hear words and music that really meant something to me personally. I was a life without a compass.

There is enough painful music on the airwaves. I have something different to say. I know and have peace that I am doing the right thing. It's what I am called to do. So, for now, I will be, singing, painting pictures of horses, riding them, teaching kids to ride and playing my guitar for anyone who wants to hear.

I want to share what I have with a world that is hurting. I write new songs because I am supposed to. The Word says Sing unto the Lord a new song.

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