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A lover of GOOD MUZIK !!! I love all types of MUZIK . . . as long as it has a good rhythm & makes you think or feel something deep within. MUZIK is a JOURNEY. Come! Let me take you for a ride . . . ONE NOTE AT A TIME . . . GEE.NOTEZ (G-NOTES).


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Gee.Notez (G dot Notes) wants to take it to the next level !!! Please help me get on track with honest reviews of my trax. However, I would like you to know that I mainly have a Hip-Hop, R&B and Contemporary Jazz Background (so please assess my creativity from that standpoint). I ask that you also keep in mind the types of tracks your listening to are older tracks from a hobby standpoint (For my own listening pleasure..). Let me know how can I polish them up.

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Thank u fpr the Review of my song. I've ben offline for a minute and now catching up. Luv yr music esp. Joonz Way. We luv to put words to this song if u are initerested. Hit me back. Pappaphil

Hey brother Gee.Notez . . .
First of all, THANKS SO MUCH for your kind review of my song, "ME, MYSELF, AND CRY" . .your comments were very kind, and I thank you for taking time to listen to the song . . I believe that your assessment was entirely ON POINT and I need to update the drums and probably the whole song! Your constructive comments are greatly appreciated!

I just listened to your great song, "THE WESTSIDE GUITARIST, PART 2"---WOW!! I think you've got a potential monster hit here, bro . . the guitar, in my opinion, adds that certain element of commercial "unique-ness" that is so lacking in much of today's pop/hip-hop music (my opinion) . . .your freshness in the way you use instruments (I also listened to Joonz Way) is extremely commerical and unique . . keep at it!! You've got a monster talent . . . .God bless you in all your musical endeavors, and I look forward to hearing more from you . .

Julius "JUICE" Davis

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JUICE - When I listen to some1 else's track I try 2 envision their painting or vision 4 their work for what it is...ART. We make muzik based on our memoriez, feelingz and/or emotionz 'Who really has the right to tell someone, that a track they produced (reminds them of their dead relative or friend) - doesn't sound or feel right?' In my opinion - "No One!!!"

So I hope I never offend any1 in that sense, but when I looked at your titles & listened your tracks, I wish I had a background in teaching muzik or being taught muzik. I play strictly by ear only. If it soundz good, I'll play around with it, until it feelz good, feel me?

Like yourself, I'm looking to be discovered through my wurx. Keep on knockin' 'em out playa !!! We'll both get there 1 day...

I appreciate the thorough way in which you listened 2 my trax...when u get time, please give sum mo' of ya would be greatly appreciated !!!


Thanks for the detailed review of "you need love". You should see the review prior to yours. The guy left no details and all bad, very bad number review....I appreciate your input and will take it to my mix! Peace

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No prob! I listened to your albums & see 'like myself' your very diverse w/your muzik, when you get a chance listen 2 some of my trax and let me know what you think...

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