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David Michael Walsh
over 30 days ago to Dan O'Neill


Thank you so much for your review of my bluegrass song, "Memories of the Past" I played in this band for 20 plus years with the same group of guy's from my high school. If you like to hear more of us check out Full Moon Express.

Tracks are available on most streaming sites like Spodify and Rhapsody.

This was a live recording at one of our shows and yes the mix and recording quality are not the best.

I wish we could have recorded our stuff in a real studio at least once in all those years together.

Thanks again,
David - Full Moon Express

Greg Frain
over 30 days ago to Dan O'Neill

Hi - thanks for both the positive and constructive feedback on Life's A Circus. It's a song I have faith in, but I agree that it is not yet at it's potential and the vocals are a factor in that :)
Best wishes

The Drain
over 30 days ago to Dan O'Neill

Thanks for your review of Goin' Down The Drain. We agree about the brightness of the guitar. Sounded okay in mixing and then the final mastering brightened it up a bit too much in hindsight.

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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